Stroke Recovery

One of the aims of the Sing for Recovery choir is to delivery vital information about stroke recovery to stroke survivors, and particularly to the carers and loved ones of stroke survivors, before they are discharged from hospital back into their communities. But of course, this recovery issue is not exclusively a stroke issue - it is an issue for all people who suffer a brain injury, or a chronic condition of any kind.

In all these cases, we simply cannot expect our hospitals to continue supporting survivors and carers indefinitely into the future, so the community needs to take over that supporting role once the hospitals need to turn their attention to other people who suffer brain injuries or other chronic conditions.

The information contained in information pack delivered at Sing for Recovery gigs is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to everything a survivor or carer needs to know as they travel along their own individual recovery journey in their own community. But is gives a brief summary of the most important community-based organisations who can provide support in the early days following discharge from hospital. Without this information, the survivor and their carers have a significant risk of falling into what experienced stroke survivors refer to as the Stroke Recovery Black Hole.

Click on the button below to see the contents of the Your Recovery Resource Reference pack which is distributed to the survivors and carers at the Sing for Recovery gigs.

Your Recovery Resource Reference Guide

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April 2, 2017